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Our platform offers easy-to-use templates to start your campaign with a few clicks.

how to hire the best talent
Open Positions

Share links to your company's open positions & let remote managers vote on resumes.

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how to increase your sales with digital strategies
Drive Sales

Engage current and prospective customers for feedback that can be managed and rewarded.

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how to engage with customers & Employees
Crowdsourcing for a Better Company

Engage customers & Employees for ideas that will improve products and services.

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how to create a customer survey
Customer Survey

Find out what customers really think and ask them specific questions that can be analyzed and correlated in demographic reports.

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Easy-to-use Templates

These are the simple steps to start your campaign:

1. Assign a campaign name
2. Select your subscription type
3. Select a template or start from scratch
4. The goal is to make the campaign completely custom

If you would like a specific industry template, we’d be happy to make it for you at no charge. Our goal is to help you improve engagement, whether it be with customers, prospective customers or employees

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