AlphaGen Offers Many Advanced Features

Our focus is to help you better communicate with you brand to existing customers, prospects and employees.
advance technology for communicate ideas, improve brand with customers, prospects and employees

Campaign Creation Features

build a brand with your customers and employees for long term

Custom Branding

Our brand disappears immediately and we become an extension of your company.

how to increase your target audience with social networks

Social Media Sharing

If you want to extend the reach of your customer contacts, simply allow them to share.

landing page for your brand

Public Landing Pages

Each campaign has a landing page to be fully customized. Use it or skip to persona questions, voting or crowdsourcing for ideas.

how to collect data from your customers

Persona Questions

Create targeted question to be analyzed for demographics or contact information.

Terms & Conditions

Optional: Simply add a file with your terms, and all campaign visitors will need to click to accept them.

google analytics for my website

Google Analytics Integration

Insert your Google analytics linkage and you'll be able to track all activity in your campaign.

how to give coupons for increasing my cross-selling

Reward Coupons

Easy to use for all retail campaigns: Test marketing or crowdsourced ideation.

how to create effective email marketing campaigns

Email Portal

Invite participants with a CSV file using your company server through our portal. Very easy!

how to use crowdsourcing to improve my business

Crowdsourcing Templates

Beyond simple surveys, we offer ideation followed by voting of company thought leaders to determine next products & services.

Public and Private Campaigns

Some campaigns are best for a private group, like employees, and others are structured for broad participation.

how to use qr codes

QR Code Invitations

A great way to bring your public audience into your campaign from print ads and receipts.

how to identify my target audience

Downloadable Reports

All reports can be downloaded showing participants and their locations as well as their persona or ideation inputs.

how to do a deep analysis with stats

Stats Engine

The next step to downloadable reports: the stats engine correlates all inputs for deeper analysis.

how to prioritize in my business

Idea Scoring & Management

Manage customer and employee ideas through voting so they can be prioritized by your key team members right on the platform.

Anonymous Users

Privacy options available for campaigns that require sensitive inputs from groups like employees.

Share a campaign in social media: 1 click with branding!

The image shows how a campaign will look when shared in Facebook. This is very similar for the social media channels listed below and for text messaging.

Your image, campaign title and branding are all transferred using an easily shareable link that is automatically created in the platform. If you don't want to allow sharing, it is also easy to turn off.

Social media sharing is most often used by companies with products or services sold to the public. It's also a great opportunity to ask for new ideas from consumers and reward participation with coupons.

how to use facebook for selling and improve my brand
how to use facebook for selling
how to use slack for selling
how to use twitter for selling
how to use reddit for improving my image
how to use whatsapp for selling
how to use linkedin for getting the best talent
how to use skype for attracting people

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