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Run simultaneous A/B testing marketing campaigns while your HR department gets efficiency ideas from employees.
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strategy of increase cross selling
Insurance Companies

They love us for cross-selling to existing customers...

point of investment according to each customers
Financial Institutions

They use us to find new customers...

get deal with house, lots  condominium faster
Real Estate

Real Estate Agents use us to show select properties to their customers on their branded pages...

identify the best people for hiring
Human Resources

We help you privately and sometimes anonymously communicate with employees...

restaurants digital strategies

Post a QR code to invite an idea contest while collecting demographic information and emails...

customer service surveys
Customer Service

Let us help you improve your surveys, manage submitted ideas, and custom brand it all...

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Multiple distribution channels

to reach your public/private audiences

AlphaGen uses different contact methods to reach your target audience. Unless you have a restricted access campaign, we recommend you use multiple channels simultaneously.

landing page
Public Landing Pages

Unlimited, custom and fully responsive.

awesome and powerful survey engine
Direct Link

Use links to invite employees and customers to complete a survey or submit ideas.

create engagement from social networks
Social Networks

Allow customers to share your public pages for greater engagement.

prospective customers

Invite current and prospective customers to respond on custom generated emails that come from you. AlphaGen manages it all.

QR codes start to engage
QR Code

Perfect for public outreach. From restaurant table tops to bus stops, QR codes start to engage.

Share campaign links

Our social media links are shareable and compatible with many popular apps. Your campaign will appear in the message or feed with a description and preview image.

how to use facebook for selling how to use twitter for selling how to use reddit for improving my image how to use whatsapp for selling how to use linkedin for getting the best talent how to use slack for attracting people how to use slack for attracting people

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What our customers are saying

The platform was so easy to use. I let the folks at AlphaGen make my first campaigns, then I started doing it myself.

Heidi Wilburg Stevens

Owner RE-RhodeIsland